Questions to ask Before Buying Land

April 06, 2022

Thinking of buying land? Here are a few things you should know before setting down your roots.

What to Know About Buying Land

Since COVID-19 started, folks have been moving to the country more and more. As country homes are becoming more scarce, people have begun buying vacant land. Here are our tips and tricks for buying vacant land and what you can do with it!

How Much do you Need? This is the first question to ask yourself or your agent. Determining how many acres you need for your vision is important in narrowing down search results. Anywhere from a fourth of an a acre to six is a great place to start for your standard country home. If you have aspirations of owning a farm, raising horses, or building multiple homes, we suggest looking into larger lots.

What's Your Budget? Now that you've determined the lot size you need, it's time to talk budget. Determining your budget can help your agent decide which areas will best fit your price range. It's important to discuss both topics 1 and 2 with your agent at the beginning to avoid any overpriced or undersized lots.

What's Your Current Lifestyle? Moving from the city to the country can be quite the lifestyle change. If you've never owned land before, we suggest starting off smaller. Gradually easing yourself into the Country lifestyle is more manageable.

Now that you've asked yourself the above questions, it's time to discuss how to best utilize your land! From equine properties, country homes, and hunting land, your property can do more than you think. It's important to check with your county records to see how the lot is zoned. It's important to check zoning if you're looking at building commercial property, such as a mall, business complex, or storage facility. 

Most often, buyers use their land to build their dream homes. We can help put you in contact with credible builders all over central and eastern Ohio. United Country Real Estate & Auction Services, LLC is a leading land brokerage. We help clients buy and sell land all over Ohio. I you're interested in learning more, give us a call, (740) 965-1208